Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with Our Grilled Cheese Plate

It's our favorite time of the year!

Winter has come and gone, things are starting to grow again, more smiles are appearing on people's faces, oh and the month that celebrates our favorite food is here - National Grilled Cheese Month!

We take this VERY seriously y'all. Every year leading up to April we get organized, we brainstorm, we train, we nourish our bodies with an abundance of cheese, all in hopes to come up with an idea that truly represents what it's all about - Cheese & Bread!

In years past we've celebrated with some of Nashville's elite chefs to see what their favorite grilled cheese is. Last year we even took a trip to Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese to create our Real American Cheese.

this year we're thrilled to celebrate April by highlighting some of the South's most amazing cheese makers!

Our whole concept is based around the idea of taking a simple household staple, grilled cheese, and blowing people's minds. So naturally that's why this year we're doing our take on a fine dining cheese plate by presenting our "Grilled Cheese Plate" with three Fancy Mini Grilled Cheeses. We've been testing incredible cheeses all month and narrowing it down to three was like choosing between your children. It was brutal. But seriously people, we think we've put together the perfect balance of cheesy goodness. It's ridiculous. 

The first of the three is the Farmer's Cheese from Sweetwater Valley in TN. This buttery, melty cheese will be on sun-dried tomato bread with marinated castelvetrano olives. 

The second cheese is called Buttercup from English Farmstead in NC. This salty, soft cheese has the perfect meltyness for a grilled cheese. It will be on a rosemary sourdough with a pickled mustard seed honey.

The third cheese is one of the best cheeses we've ever experienced. It's called Mystic Bleu from Sweet Grass Dairy in GA. We are literally the only place that will possess this pure cheese gold. It's the creamiest bleu cheese ever. It will be on a marcona almond multigrain with a roasted grape and port wine jam + "tennshootoe" ham from The Hammery.

We'll be serving our Grilled Cheese Plate at our Melt Shop in Hillsboro Village (2003 Belcourt Ave) through the entire month of April so make sure you come by to experience this cheesy goodness!