June Milkshake of the Moment

"Peach Be With You"

Summer is here which means and so are juicy peaches! Every year we try and create a sweet treat to highlight this coveted stone fruit and this year we of course were going to feature the peach in our Milkshake of the Moment. We have teamed up with The Peach Truck, a local business bringing their beloved peaches from their family farm, Pearson Farms in Georgia to us here in Nashville. The "Peach Be With You" Milkshake has bourbon-sugar and vanilla bean peaches (that have been macerated over night to break down and let their natural peachy sweetness come out) and sweet cream ice cream, that's it. We then top this milkshake with a buttery pecan crunch with pecans coming from Pearson Farms where the juicy peaches hail from. A match made in peaches and cream heaven.  Available for your sipping all June at the melt shop!

Image Credit: Justin Rearden