Style Blueprint: Where to Find the Best Grilled Cheese in Nashville


The super kind folks over at Style Blueprint just featured us in this great guide of where to find the best Grilled Cheese in Nashville. We’re so excited to be included in this list of some really great Grilled Cheese spots around town!

“You can’t mention Nashville grilled cheeses without shouting out The Grilled Cheeserie. A spot dedicated to the delicious handheld sandwich we all love and crave, it’s hard to pick just one off of their comprehensive menu to highlight. The most unique and most requested, though, must be their pimento mac & chee — a grilled cheese made of our other favorite cheesy comfort food, macaroni and cheese. Housemade pimento cheese, local cheddar, macaroni, tomato slice and Benton’s bacon bits on country white sourdough make this sandwich unlike any other!”

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