TGC on the Nashville Scene BITES Food Blog

It's almost April and that means it's time for National Grilled Cheese Month

With our recent announcement about our first location without wheels (yes, a "brick and mortar" Grilled Cheeserie!), there was lots of news for author Chris Chamberlain to share with the readers of The Nashville Scene - and questions for him to answer. The first question was what would be happening to our food trucks.

As excited as the couple is about their new venture, they were even more emphatic about their commitment to their two existing trucks. Crystal Bogan states, ‘We have every intention to keep running our trucks.’ Joseph adds, ‘We never intended our trucks to be a stepping stone to any other type of business. The only reason we considered it was because we’ve had such success with our trucks thanks to the fact that Nashville has accepted us so well.’
— Chris Chamberlain, The Nashville Scene

Chris goes on to share news about our plans for Grilled Cheese Month, and more details about our location coming this summer to Hillsboro Village. 

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