Grilled Cheeserie Wins Best of Nashville, 6th Year in a Row

Every single year, when the warmth begins to fade and the seasons are in transition, the Nashville Scene puts out their questionnaire to the people of Music City asking them to vote for our city's BEST. From the best restaurant, to best dentist, to even the best local politician or lawyer, The Scene covers it all: including the Best Food Truck.


We were blown away when, after our first ten months of slingin' grilled cheese sandwiches off our OG truck, Nashville voted for The Grilled Cheeserie as the "Best Food Truck" back in 2010. We were aghast when we won it the following year; amazed when we made it a hat-trick; elated to put a 4th notch on our belt in 2014; and were just astonished when we scored five for five. 

we're absolutely flabbergasted, excited and most of all, grateful to have won the award for "Best Food Truck" for the sixth straight year in a row!

So, thank you for continuing to vote for us, for continuing to show us love, and most of all for continuing to come to our trucks, stand in our lines, and eat our cheesy melts. We love you!

As a way to both celebrate and show appreciation for...well, your appreciation, last night we offered up some *brand new bites* at the Best of Nashville party, held at the Parthenon: Baked Mac & Cheese Bites with House Hot Sauce, and mini versions of our Chocolate Shake with Preserved Bourbon-Soaked Cherry.

Although not available on our food trucks, these new menu items will be available in our Melt Shop, which is slated to open in November!  

Thank you again to the Nashville Scene, the people of Nashville, and everyone who has voted for us year after year - we love you!

- TGC 

Serving at the BON Party

Serving at the BON Party