Team Cheeserie! Meet Ben

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It takes some really amazing people to run this business. We're fortunate to have an exceptional group of folks as part of Team Cheeserie. 

We figured you might like to learn a little about the folks that help us melt the hearts of Music City. We'll be showcasing different Team Cheeserie peeps here on our blog by asking them a little cheesy Q&A.

So take a minute to meet Ben!

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What's your name? 
Benjamin Lusk

Where are you from? 
Jacksonville, Florida

How long have you been at the Grilled Cheeserie? 
Since the Hillsboro location opened, almost exactly a year.

What is something surprising about working at the Grilled Cheeserie that most people would suspect?
We're like the Disney World of restaurants- you can't leave unhappy. We'll remake anything, fix anything, and bend over backwards. Even if it's just because you changed your mind. How sad would it be to leave a melt shop with a frown?

What is your favorite menu item and why?
On menu: the Harvest Melt. With turkey, Brie, pesto, and roasted squash, it's like if a sandwich could yell "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Off menu: the "Rooster Bowl". Tater tots with house-made cheese sauce, bacon bits, jalapeño relish, a fried egg and pulled chicken. It's a glorious combination, not for the faint of heart.

What's your favorite story about working at Grilled Cheeserie?
Oh that's easy. At the end of my shift one afternoon, I managed to break an entire giant glass jar of our house-made tot sauce all over the condiment bar. I think it smelled like horseradish over there for a month. Ouch.


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