September 2019 Milkshake of the Moment

The Chocolate ‘Nana Puddin’ Shake

One of our favorite things to do is collaborate with our talented friends and this month we were able to get together with the best of the best! Hattie Jane’s Creamery up the road in Murfreesboro and Columbia is making some deeeeelicious ice creams and we couldn’t be happier to incorporate their Chocolate ‘Nana Puddin’ Ice Cream into this month’s shake! Hattie Jane’s only uses the best local products and like Grilled Cheeserie founder Crystal De Luna Bogan, Hattie Jane’s founder Loqi hails from L.A. where she honed her craft under the tutelage of strong female mentors. Sorry to gush, we’ve just got a girl crush on our friends making the best ice cream in the biz!

Behold, the Chocolate ‘Nana Puddin’ Shake!

Hattie Jane’s Chocolate ‘Nana Puddin’ Ice Cream

Local Half & Half

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

topped with:

Nilla Wafer Rice Crispy Crunch with Cacao Nibs

Oh yes we did! And oh yes you can! Remember like all of our limited edition shakes, this one is only available in September, so you gotta hurry!

And we almost forgot to mention the most exciting part: all milkshakes are now available in Franklin, too! Yes, even this limited edition tasty boy!

The Chocolate Nana Puddin Shake

The Chocolate Nana Puddin Shake