May Milkshake of the Moment

The Batido de Cajeta

Man, have we got a good one for you guys this month! Cajeta is a Mexican cinnamon spiced goat milk caramel traditionally made by boiling down sweet goat milk and caramelizing the natural sugars to produce a rich thick caramel. Served more traditionally as a spread or in Mexican candies.


Sweet Cream Ice Cream

Noble Springs Goat Milk

Housemade toasted Canela (mexican cinnamon) Cajeta

Whipped Cream

Churro Crunch

Fresh Local Strawberry 


"This smell and flavor of cajeta takes me back to visiting my cousins in Mexico every summer as a child on warm summers days: cajeta candies wrapped in a red plastic wrapper, sometimes jeweled with nuts of various kinds, were plentiful and seemed to only be available in Mexico. As an adult growing up in Los Angeles, it was dangerous to find out they were just as plentiful down the street from my apartment in Hollywood... When I think of May, I really cherish celebrating Cinco de Mayo my whole life. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the unlikely Mexican independence over the French in 1862 at the battle of Puebla. Funny though... this war had little to nothing to do with American culture, yet it is celebrated more widely in the States than in Mexico. This goes to show the influence of Hispanic culture as it is the largest ethnic minority.

As a second generation Mexican-American, the flavors in this milkshake make me want to celebrate a more carefree-nostalgic time. This may not be the flavor you grew up with in your childhood, but this is a taste of mine. 

But you've gotta hurry in for this one! It's only available during the month of May! Vámanos! Vámanos!"

- Crystal De Luna-Bogan (Chef//Co-Founder)

The Batido de Cajeta

The Batido de Cajeta