January Milkshake of the Moment

The O.G. Cinnamon Roll

Happy New Year! Welcome the first Milkshake of the Moment for 2018: a collaboration with our friends from Slim & Husky's new sister brand "The Rollout." If you haven't had a chance to give these guys a try, don't walk... RUN there right now and grab a slice. You'll thank us. 

Think about everything you love about a perfect, fresh-baked cinnamon roll. The rich cream cheese glaze, the spice of ground cinnamon, the gooey caramel that forms inside of each layer. Now, imagine those things all spun into a MILKSHAKE!

It took us several tries to get a true cinnamon roll experience out of a milkshake, and we're pretty sure we're on to something good and gooey...We took their gooey cinnamon rolls and made a crunchy crumb. We then blend that crunchy cinnamon roll crumb into sweet cream ice cream. We then drizzle a  buttery brown sugar & cinnamon roll "goo"caramel on the inside of the cup and top this decadent milkshake with whipped cream and a drizzle of homemade whipped cream cheese frosting.

So make sure to come by and grab one. Don't miss a moment!


2017-12-18 Grilled Cheeserie - January-2178.jpg