Meet Our Makers: Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

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One of the best things about Nashville is that even though high rises seem to go up daily and traffic doesn't get any better, it's still a small town. We're always running into old friends at the shop; and occasionally, we have the privilege of working with them. Scott Witherow and the guys at Olive & Sinclair are a perfect example. 

Back when were just a little grilled cheese truck puttering around town, we would run into Scott at various events, selling his delicious handmade chocolates. A friendship was formed, and as our businesses have grown we've continued the relationship, collaborating whenever we could. 

One of our sweet staples, the Cookies 'n Cream Dream, wouldn't be complete without some O&S goodness: sweet cream ice cream, house-baked dark chocolate cookie crumb, and Olive & Sinclair white chocolate. And this month, we've created the O&S Chocolate Cherry Bomb, featuring an Olive & Sinclair white chocolate ganache schmear. 

"We have always had a special place in our chocolate-loving hearts for Olive & Sinclair. Eight years ago we first boothed next to each other at the Produce Place local makers market. ever since, we have loved working with O&S product and with the Scott and his team."
- Crystal, owner of the Grilled Cheeserie


Here's the weird thing: it's pretty great that we get to be friends with the team that makes - hands down - the best chocolate in town. They could be buddies and make just ok chocolate; but no, their passion and expertise is evident in every bite. 

Jason Thompson, Scott Witherow, and Rogers Thompson of Olive & Sinclair

Jason Thompson, Scott Witherow, and Rogers Thompson of Olive & Sinclair



In 2007, founder and maker Scott Witherow began experimenting with chocolate and making it in his kitchen. Oven roasting and hand cranking the beans with something that looked like your grandmother's old sausage grinder, Witherow experimented with processes and flavors at just 3 to 5 pounds at a time. For two years, he would have his family and friends try his flavors and varieties. All the while, he was perfecting his process, building a team, defining the brand, and ultimately, building a factory that opened in 2014 in historic East Nashville. Although Scott is the founder and got the operation off the ground, he's had really good help along the way. Jason and Rogers Thompson are key members of his team, and you'll find them all at the shop bright and early each morning concocting their latest creations.

"We have always LOVED Crystal, Joseph, and the fine folks at the Grilled Cheeserie, so we were super stoked when they wanted to work together on a shake inspired by the Cherry Bomb! I have never had anything at the Grilled Cheeserie that I didn't love, so we knew this would be a hit!"
- Scott Witherow, founder of Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

O&S Chocolate begins with stone-grinding cacao, inspired by the method used for stone ground grits, using melangeurs (stone mills) from the early 1900's. Only pure cane brown sugar is added for a robust flavor and slow sweetness that is definitive of Southern Artisan Chocolate™.


Olive and Sinclair's delicious lineup of chocolates includes a variety of different styles: 67% Cacao Single Origin Ghana, 75% Cacao Single Origin Dominican Republic, Sea Salt, Salt & Pepper, Mexican-Style Cinn-Chili, Coffee, Cacao Nib, Smoked Nib, and Buttermilk White Chocolate (one of our personal faves). They don't just make a good chocolate bar either; they also offer creative confections like Duck Fat Caramels, Sea Salt & Vinegar Caramels, Bourbon Nib Brittle, Smoked Nib Brittle, and their own fun interpretation of charcuterie, dubbed Chocuterie™, featuring seasonal flavors.

If you find yourself in East Nashville, be sure to stop by and give the O&S guys a shout. They even offer tours of their factory!