August Milkshake of the Moment

The PIña colada paradise milkshake

It might be August, but we're not quite ready to let go of summer just yet! To keep the good vibes going, we've put a little bit of paradise in a cup: introducing the Piña Colada Paradise milkshake. Refreshing, indulgent, and even a little vegan. Here's what we've packed into this tasty tiki treat:

•Roasted Pineapple Purée
    (fresh pineapple caramelized with sugar and deglazed with Meyers Rum) 
•Pied Piper Creamery Vegan Coconut Ice Cream
•House Whipped Cream
•Fresh Pineapple Wedge
•Rum Sugar Crunch
•A Little Drink Umbrella 

So if you like piña coladas (and getting caught in the rain), come by the shop. You've gotta hurry because we're only offering this during August! It's tiki time!

Piña Colada Paradise

Piña Colada Paradise