April Milkshake of the Moment

The Honey Bee milkshake:
A special collaboration with our friends at TruBee Honey

Spring is here and we are buzzzzing with excitement! For this month's Milkshake of the Moment, we've teamed up with our buddies down the street at TruBee Honey for a truly special treat, The Honey Bee milkshake.

Our beeeeautiful creation starts with a base of sweet cream ice cream, then we add infused honey milk comprised of raw honey, honeysuckle, tangerine, and orange blossoms. Hang in there, it's about to get even better: with a pure TruBee honey drizzle on the cup, it's then topped with whipped cream, housemade honeycomb toffee with bee pollen and peanuts, and an garnished edible flower.  

If you stop to think about it, it's really like the journey of honey itself - starting with the blooms of flowers and fruit trees, followed by the collection of pollen and ending with the sweet nectar of honey!

Just like all our Milkshakes of the Moment, this Queen Bee is only available for a limited time, so come by this April and grab one!

A little more about our friends at TruBee

Just like our Honey Bee Milkshake of the Moment speaks to the blossoming flavors of Spring and plays with different elements of the process of capturing honey like the use of bee pollen, flowers and raw honey, our friends at TruBee Honey are there every step of the way.

Just down the road from us in Franklin, Tennessee, TruBee lets their bees fly freely, collecting pollen from multiple sources (which is better for the bees). Even better, their honey is raw, unpasteurized and just like the bees made it.

The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee