APRIL Milkshake of the Moment


OMG y’all it’s National Grilled Cheese month and we’re ready to get weeeeeeird and celebrate!

This month’s Milkshake of the Moment is a mysterious, delirious treat. Inspired by one of our favorite films, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” combined with some tasty Olive & Sinclair Chocolate, this trippy treaty has a few surprises in up its sleeve:

• Sweet Cream Ice Cream
• Chocolate Sauce
• Bacon Fat Caramel Sauce
• Half & Half

Topped with:

• Special Sprinkles
• Chocolate-Dipped Candied Bacon
• Olive & Sinclair Magic Shell
• Whipped Cream

In the words of Mr. Wonka himself, “Time is a precious thing—never waste it.” This adventurous snack is only available this April, so you’ve gotta hurry!

And don’t forget: on April 12th, we’re giving away 200 free grilled cheeses! Get the deets and be sure to stop by!

The O&S Magic Shell Milkshake

The O&S Magic Shell Milkshake