Grilled Cheese Month 2018

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Grilled Cheese Month

It's April, and that means one thing for us over at The Grilled Cheeserie – It's National Grilled Cheese Month! That's right. A whole darn month devoted to grilled bread, melty cheese and everything else that goes between it. It's our favorite time of the year, and we've got some big stuff planned for Grilled Cheese Month 2018. We're going all out and blowin' it up BIG TIME. Read below to learn about all of the cheesy goodness we have in store for April.

First things first, we've made some adorable Grilled Cheese Month pins. Not only are they cute, but they're also FREE! We're giving these lil' suckers out while they last. How do you get one? Just swing by the shop and ask! One of our super-friendly melters will be more than happy to hook you up. If you love grilled cheese like we do, then you have to represent! 

We also weren't pulling your curd when we said we were doing it up big this year. How so? Well, throughout the month of April you can enter our Cheesy Goodness Contest for your chance to WIN FREE GRILLED CHEESE FOR A YEAR! Yup, a whole freakin' year of delicious, melty grilled cheese. We're also giving away gift cards and goodies all month long. So even if you don't win the grand prize, there's still lots to be had. Entering is whey easy. Just check the link below, pop in your info and BOOM! 


Finally, our Milkshake of the Moment is a collaboration with some of our busiest neighbors: TruBee Honey. More bee-tails here about the The Honey Bee milkshake!