Grilled Cheeserie Shop Updates!

While our affection for our beloved Food Trucks is simply immeasurable -- they're the bread and butter (and cheese, obviously) of our brand and our business! -- we can't deny that we're really, really pumped about opening our first brick-and-mortar grilled cheese shop. Located inside of what Nashvillians know as "the old Sunset Grill," in the historic and iconic Hillsboro Village, The Grilled Cheeserie will be officially planting our flag and claiming our permanent space.


With a projected opening date of mid-November (eee!), we're thrilled that things are moving along and even more excited to share some of the details with you.

The current state of what will soon be The Grilled Cheeserie may not look like much to the random passerby, but we've got the blueprints and the vision to ensure you: it's gonna be incredible. And it's already taking shape!

At this point in time, the walls are framed and our blueprints are beginning to come to life. Plus, with the help of our incredible interior designer, the vibes of the food truck will remain present, even though we'll have four walls and a roof under which you can sit. With our signature black and white stripes, plus a splash of yellow that just says "cheese," we know you'll feel right at home.

One of our most exciting developments, we've finalized our *expanded menu* for the shop which means you'll have even more reason to come on over and have lunch or dinner -- yes, dinner -- with us in Hillsboro Village. Our menu includes new specialty melts, more side items, the addition of fresh salads and best of all an entire Milkshake Bar where we'll be serving up old fashioned shakes and floats.

We're so thrilled to open in just a few short weeks, and want to thank you, Nashville, for all your support over the past six years.

We're looking forward to showing you what a full dining experience with The Grilled Cheeserie is all about!

Now listen here...

Don't get so jazzed about the shop that you forget all about our trucks! The trucks are still running on their normal schedules and will continue to do so after the shop is up and running. We hope you'll continue to follow the trucks and join us for a grilled cheese and tots al fresco!  

Click here to check the schedule and track 'em down.

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