2016 @ The Nashville Farmers' Market

2016 has been such a big year for us at The Grilled Cheeserie and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you!

Probably our most exciting and favorable memory is gaining our residency at the Nashville Farmers' Market.

Here are some highlights from this year at the Market:

  • Making our own "Real American" cheese in collaboration with Kenny's Farmhouse in Kentucky and debuting it at the Market by giving away hundreds of FREE grilled cheeses on National Grilled Cheese day. We also had a booth set up that day where our customers could register to vote.....a lot of good that did. We joke!
  • Assisting in executing a food truck residency program, which hosted really great mobile businesses like Made in the Nash, Trailer Perk, King of Pops and Ritas Italian Ice (just to name a few).
  • Partnering with a very business-minded 8 year old named Justice, who hosted a very successful Lemon-AID stand for a great cause - Alex's Lemonade,
  • Partnering with Order Up delivery service as their first food truck offered and became the most requested delivery option during our service time.
  • Our chef Crystal got to demo a Watermelon + Hibiscus Granita in the Edible Kitchen for the Watermelon Fest. She also partnered with Sinema Chef Kyle Patterson for the "Chefs at the Market" series.

But what we are going to miss the most is getting to be nestled in between the farm sheds with our farmer friends, seeing the local produce change with the season, saving our bottle caps for Linda's art projects in exchange for a constant supply of her warm mini donuts, trading grilled cheeses for different local-melty cheesy goodness from our buds at Bella Nashville and tasting the ever-changing pop ups in the Grow Local Kitchen like Caracas Ville and City Farm Co.

This Tuesday (12/20) through Thursday (12/22) mark the last few days of our 2016 residency. It's bittersweet for us. BUT we look forward to seeing familiar faces in the Spring of 2017 back at the Market. For all you regulars who have taken a liking to our "farm truck" crew, don't fret! Jon, Trey, Tyler and Sam's friendly faces will all be at our melt shop (opening in Hillsboro Village very soon!) Until then, here are some memories from 2016 at the Market...

The Grilled