We're Turning SIX!

The Grilled Cheeserie's first day of service, November 26 2010

The Grilled Cheeserie's first day of service, November 26 2010

Six years ago on this very day, the Grilled Cheeserie revved it's engine for the first time and began serving our favorite sandwiches to the good people of Nashville. 

It was the day after Thanksgiving back in 2010 when we we drove our truck into East Nashville's Five Points area, parked ourselves outside of The Green Wagon, and started cooking. There in the cold, in the company of our brand new friends Bang Candy Company, our cheesy journey began.

New to the food truck scene as we were, we told friends and family about our debut and then took to Twitter to try and get people out to see us for free grilled cheeses and tomato soup. Fortunately, the people of Nashville had made room after their Thanksgiving feasts and skipped the Black Friday shopping pandemonium. We were both surprised and thrilled when crowds of people showed up...and then continued to do so for the rest of the day!

Looking back on the past 6 years, we are floored. We are humbled. And we are so grateful for your support! That's why, exactly six years later to the day, we are teaming up with The Bang Candy Company to celebrate both of our birthdays, offering FREE Cookie Melts!

Instead of serving up a traditional birthday cake, we've come up with a birthday-twist for our signature cookie melts. Meet the Birthday Cake Cookie Melt: a vanilla funfetti sugar cookie filled with Bang Candy birthday marshmallow.

We'll be set up with Bang Candy Co. at the Farmer's Market this Friday November 25th from 11AM - 3PM. Offer only available while supplies last!

FREE Cookie Melt Birthday Give-Away
Friday, November 25th
Nashville Farmer's Market
11AM - 3PM
*Or until we run out!*


Memory Lane: Our First Day, November 26, 2010

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